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Kathi to Speak at your event


Kathi is available to speak on a variety of topics as a Christian psychologist. This would include addressing physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual issues. Topics could range from teaching assertion to explaining cognitive behavioral therapy to exploring trauma-informed methods of care to discussing repentance, inner healing and deliverance. Are you triggered today? Kathi could address steps to take in order to recognize what is happening in the moment. We learn how to pull out of the area of the brain that is signalling distress, to the area that can reason and make better decisions. There is much inner conflict over negative personal beliefs that can then be seen and overturned in the light of day. That person who hurt you isn’t the problem. What you believe about yourself in the situation is. Healing begins when these inner thoughts which live underground are uncovered, identified and released.  

In short, healing is possible through being attuned to and also having concrete steps to follow out of the alarm bell area of the brain.  Intuition can be developed and increased so quick and ready insight will help you navigate hurtful open wounds and more quickly recognize hidden ones

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