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Fire and Flo

Running with Sparklers

God’s Word On Unity

I was stunned by a God dream the other morning. I love how He shows what He's saying through story and picture in dreams. Many dreams are mostly from our soul realm, our own minds, wills and emotions. But when HIS hit, they are amazing. I was watching the most amazing...

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Enjoy Life

Did you know God wants us to enjoy life? I had an experience on Friday. It was a very busy day, starting out with sorting through piles of clothing that came from an estate. (Some of it was extremely dirty!) Later on I went to Honeygrow to pick up take out and I...

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He Will Just Do It

Just an encouragement to every one who needs this today. As a counselor I partner with the Lord so that others may come into His light, and it's an honor. I have had people help me, too, when I cannot see the truth of His Presence and love in the very hard times....

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Laser Focus

Good Afternoon All This morning before our prayer group met on conference call, I read a prophetic teacher's email, reminding me about the truth that our spirits are actually seated in heavenly places - now! "And He raised us up together with Him and made us sit down...

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Hummingbirds, Fighting Rabbits and Orioles

Good Memorial Day! I am so awed how God reaches out to each of us individually. For example, He kisses my husband when He shows him different animals. One time He had 5 hummingbirds fly by him while he was outside on our deck and one stopped and hovered before John...

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Stir It Up!

Some days I wake up feeling God's presence. Other days it feels blah and "overcast." On those types of days I know I am to stir myself up. Today was just such a day! There are many ways to stir up the gifts within us. This morning I thought to read John 14 through...

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Let’s Connect!

I would love to connect with you and answer any questions that you have.  Please send me a message!