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Fire and Flo

Running with Sparklers

The One Thing That Will Not Fail

Nobody wants to fail, right? We do stumble as we work out our salvation. Yet the Lord simply desires to win us over and melt our hearts. There is one thing that, if we practice it, will keep us from failing.  Ever. You know 1 Cor 13, the love chapter. In verse 8 the...

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Use Your Godly Imagination as You Wait and Listen

I was being still this morning and started imagining Jesus walking around in heaven, in His full authority and stature, as King of all Kings. I thought of Him talking to His disciples and to others who are with Him in glory. This tiny glimpse in my imagination was so...

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Inflammatory Thoughts

I was speaking to a medical professional recently about inflammation. What came to me as we spoke was the power of inflammatory thoughts and it connected strongly to that person in the moment. It was Holy Spirit and He gave me that thought in order to bring some peace...

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Get Back Up Again

Savour this today from Proverbs. "If you faint when under pressure you have need of courage." Prov 24:10   The study note says "strength and courage come as the result of faithfulness under pressure."  Don't worry about the other shoe dropping, either.  "For the...

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Get Your Own Oil

I am in Acts 2 where Holy Spirit was poured out on that day of Pentecost. In The Passion Translation it describes it as "a violent blast of wind rushing into the place from out of the heavenly realm. The roar of the wind was so overpowering it was all anyone could...

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Pressure and anxiety has been increasing in people everywhere.  I'm sure many of you feel it. To combat this rising pressure, take time to be still. Say "Jesus" as often as you need to. See Him right there with you. Ask for wisdom and peace, for Holy Spirit to help...

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Let’s Connect!

I would love to connect with you and answer any questions that you have.  Please send me a message!