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Meet Kathi Basehore
Kathi Basehore

Who I Am

My mission is to move people forward on their journey to wholeness through an intuitive exploration of the soul. People will be better able to connect to God and others as they deal with fragmentation, wounds and emotions and get closer to who and what they were created to be.

Kathi Basehore is a psychologist who is able to speak with encouragement and healing on a body, soul and spirit level. The body needs to follow a consistent regimen of proper nutrition, exercise, relaxation and sleep. Our minds work better in community and relationship. There is significant less decline in overall cognitive ability when friendships are maintained. When we learn to focus on and help others, depression is often alleviated.

The body is strongly affected by the soul which is comprised of our mind, will and emotions. There are many tools from the psychological realm that work very well to address mind and emotional issues such as cognitive behavior therapy, assertion practice and gratitude while staying present in the present. When strong emotions are triggered this happens in the soul realm and is related to subconscious negative beliefs about the self that are held inside the mind. Recognizing these as lies instead of truth is pivotal to the healing process.

The spiritual realm incorporates more than the mental realm. There are many spiritual principles from the Word of God that lead to a higher level of healing than simply focusing on the body and soul. This includes learning how to practice the Godly use of the imagination, and also quieting oneself down and journaling from a place of intuition and connection with the Healer. The recognition of the extreme importance of using constructive use of words to bring healing into an environment is also crucial. Meditation and choosing joy in the face of difficult life situations builds faith which becomes actual substance in the spiritual realm and we are able to gain strength from that unseen realm. Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The field of quantum physics definitely tells us otherwise!

Kathi is available for small or large group gatherings, to talk on a variety of body soul and spirit topics. Her foundation for the spiritual realm is the Word of God. Her belief and experience speak to the need for the supernatural to become natural to lovers of Christ.

Let’s Connect!

I would love to connect with you and answer any questions that you have.  Please send me a message!