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Jesus Our Hope
Published on: June 27, 2024

In the Amplified Bible Colossians 1:26,27 reads as follows. “The mystery of (the Word of God) was hidden for ages and generations (from angels and men), but is now revealed to His holy people (the saints), to whom God was pleased to make known how great for the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ within and among you, the Hope of (REALIZING THE) glory.”


Reading different reputable translations yields SUDDEN revelation. As we connect in deep relationship with Jesus Christ within us, we begin to REALIZE the glory. REALIZE means to bring into concrete existence, to become fully aware. A synonym for “REALIZE” is to win! The origin for the word “REALIZE” comes from Middle French which means “real.”


Jesus within us causes us to REALIZE HIM, and appropriate what His glory can do! He causes us to yield and surrender to such a degree that we BRING His glory into concrete existence HERE. It becomes real, it manifests right in front of our eyes.


That’s what a miracle is. That’s what the gifts are, healings, deliverances, words of wisdom, knowledge, even faith can¬†SUDDENLY manifest within us. We begin to WALK in this as we receive revelation in our hearts that Jesus is real within us! He is all everyone needs for everything we all face.


We truly need to go beyond mental assent on this. We must REALIZE Him within so we may allow His glory to manifest, for the sake of His kingdom, for others to be set free, and for our own healings. From the writings of the Apostle Paul, we see he grasped this to a far greater extent, as many miracles happened through him. I believe He continues to draw us and stir us up. He will cause us to become so hungry for Him that we let Him hijack our very bodies to do His kingdom work in the earth.


Shalom Shalom