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Want A Taste?
Published on: June 26, 2024
I had a breath-taking encounter with the Lord this morning. It’s not because I’m doing things “right” because I am more aware of my weaknesses than ever before in my life. It’s just because He is amazing. We never know when He will arrest us. But oh, how we need Him to do just that!
After the encounter I thought, “oh taste and see that the Lord is good,” which comes from Psalm 34:8. I studied this a bit. We “take a sample” of something when we taste. When we “see” we understand. So this phrase teaches us to each personally try and experience God’s goodness in what we go through. David, who wrote Psalm 34, experienced deep intimacy with the Lord. We must have encounters which far exceed mere mental assent, that HE IS GOOD.
“Let God’s goodness be rolled under the tongue as a sweet morsel,” (Matthew Henry). That’s a great way to put this! We love to taste something wonderful!
We must taste first, via experience, and THEN we get enlightenment. We may taste of Him in so many ways! I love writing out the Word and burning it into my brain that way. We may observe the beauty of His creation and TASTE Him. We may recognize when He just DID something for us. He provided, healed our hearts, gave us understanding of Him, others or ourselves. We connect with Him in a moment and have more grace for someone standing before us. We receive what His blood accomplished as we let ourselves off the hook, telling guilt and condemnation to go.
Other commentators spoke of our need to relish and take delight in God’s goodness! There is great power available to us as we take time to focus on ENJOYING HIM. For example, see Him leading His armies of heaven on their white horses! HE is at the head! How resplendent He appears!
“Lord, there are so many ways You may choose to touch us. Father, I pray today in Jesus name¬† that we ALL taste and see, in deeper and fuller recognition and insight, of You! Of Your ways and purposes! That we actually come to know through ever-increasing experiences how GREAT You taste. That we linger with You, “roll You under our tongues” and relish living in You, and You in us, in unity. May we delight to move forward to accomplish whatever You have for us.
Kingdom, come! God’s will be done!
Shalom Shalom