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God’s Word On Unity
Published on: June 18, 2024

I was stunned by a God dream the other morning. I love how He shows what He’s saying through story and picture in dreams. Many dreams are mostly from our soul realm, our own minds, wills and emotions. But when HIS hit, they are amazing.

I was watching the most amazing basketball team playing against the opposing group. All of their moves were so slick, fast and supernatural, it was breathtaking to observe. Not only did they jump and spin in the air, but wherever the ball went it landed in THEIR OWN hands and the other team could not stop them. I also noticed the JOY on the winning team’s faces as they played in perfect harmony. As I woke up, I “saw” a man in slow motion going through these moves. And here is what came to me.

“They were moving like one person. It’s like all of them were in one body because everything was so perfectly timed and orchestrated. Each member of the winning team knew what their team members were doing or about to do and they were in perfect sync with each other. OH THAT’S WHAT UNITY LOOKS LIKE!”

I was part of a prophetic zoom call after this and when the spirit of prophecy was released during the call I prophesied about all of Christ’s Body coming into perfect unity here on the earth. WHEN WE DO THAT THE ENEMY CANNOT STAND A CHANCE. Why do you think he comes so hard against our unity?

Remember the tower of Babel, where God said, “”Behold, they are one people and they have one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do, and now nothing they have imagined they can do will be¬†impossible for them.” Gen 11:6 God was talking about the unity of evil people and the power that was in that. So much so, that He had to come down, confuse their language and scatter them!

HOW MUCH MORE can the unity of His Godly Ones (us) affect the earth realm? There is a powerful unity arising within the Body of Christ and the explosion of joy that will come forth as we move together AS ONE will render the enemy powerless. His evil agendas will not stand. There will be nothing he will be able to do about it!

Shalom Shalom