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Enjoy Life
Published on: June 10, 2024

Did you know God wants us to enjoy life?

I had an experience on Friday. It was a very busy day, starting out with sorting through piles of clothing that came from an estate. (Some of it was extremely dirty!) Later on I went to Honeygrow to pick up take out and I started to feel joy inside there. But when I came outside, it exploded in my inner self! I felt the gorgeous weather, looked at the stores and thought how much I was enjoying being alive in that moment! All the way home I was bursting with this present-focused joy. It was amazing.

On Sunday, Chuck Pierce gave me more info. “The religious spirit stops your enjoyment of life,” he said. I never knew that was the major evil influence that stops our joy. (A religious spirit is like what affected the Pharisees. They followed rules and the law to get God to accept them instead of receiving His salvation by grace through Jesus. A religious spirit makes you constantly perform.)  That influence totally lifted off me on Friday and everything around me got bright! Now I will remember this experience every time the enemy tries to harass me. I will “go there” in my memory and relive it! Yes, relive your joyful and love filled moments because the enemy can’t operate there!

What does “enjoy” mean? TO HAVE A GOOD TIME! RELISH! SAVOR! REVEL IN! Did you know the opposite of enjoy is “lack or want?” I did not. Well, God does NOT want His children to be in ANY lack or want. HE WANTS US TO ENJOY LIFE!

Then I read Kevin Zadai who wrote to “continue to worship God and enjoy what is happening because God is coming through for you.”

I know some of you are in a very heavy place right now. I have been too! Listen, no matter what we go through here, I know this was all Holy Spirit revelation and intervention this past weekend. He got me shifted out of heaviness into joy. Only He can do this. Put your focus on Him, cry out for what you need, especially joy in the midst of trials, and stay there. He is coming through for all of us.

Shalom Shalom