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He Will Just Do It
Published on: June 6, 2024
Just an encouragement to every one who needs this today. As a counselor I partner with the Lord so that others may come into His light, and it’s an honor. I have had people help me, too, when I cannot see the truth of His Presence and love in the very hard times. That’s ok, He made us together in Him and it’s great when we help each other out.
As the Beloved of God, I tell you, He will also minister directly to your heart, One on one! He will heal things you aren’t even aware of till you notice you are loving more, healing more, not getting triggered as much as before (or not at all, in situations that really used to “get” you.) In those moments, just raise a hallelujah! Put the song on and worship Him to it!
Someone had a dramatic shift in a mental health issue that I have never seen in my 40 years in the field, nor can I explain it other than God’s supernatural response to prayer from a number of folks. I told the family this is the hand of God! THIS kind of “shift” doesn’t happen in such a dramatic fashion without Him. I said, just praise Him!
Someone had an evil spirit leave their spine with prayer. You should have seen the look of joy on their face when they realized, because THEY knew Jesus, they could tell it to go, too! That was a happy dance out to their car.
I will testify of My King till I no longer have breath in this realm. Do the same, Beloved. Tell others of His goodness, mercy, healing, grace, love and miracles! This is for everyone, not just a few.
Shalom Shalom