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Hummingbirds, Fighting Rabbits and Orioles
Published on: May 27, 2024

Good Memorial Day!

I am so awed how God reaches out to each of us individually. For example, He kisses my husband when He shows him different animals. One time He had 5 hummingbirds fly by him while he was outside on our deck and one stopped and hovered before John for a few seconds before taking off. Recently he “saw two male rabbits fighting” right outside the patio door where he was sitting. I’m not sure if they were fighting, but it was very interesting behavior! One rabbit stood up on its hind legs and swatted at the air toward the other one, who then took its turn in the same stance & behavior. Then they both hopped off together. Well, I really don’t know how they fight, but I googled it and it turns out they do!
I missed seeing the Baltimore Orioles this year. I asked God about seeing one, and put some oranges out, but a red headed woodpecker came by to eat them. I thought, OK, but Lord I would still like to see one this year. Guess what I saw this morning?
I actually RESTED outside on my deck this morning in the early hours. It was so beautiful, I wondered why I don’t do this every morning! As I watched the trees sway in the wind I thanked God for the beauty all around me. I saw a squirrel jump from limb to limb and it made me smile. There was one daring leap and I thought, he’s going to crash! But he didn’t. I said, that looks like fun, God. Suddenly there it was! High up in a tree that bright orange breast shone like the sun. I couldn’t miss it! What a present this morning!!
I pray you all relax in God, in His Presence all around you, and enjoy what He shows you! He will speak to your heart in a very particular way. Then just thank Him. He’s SO GOOD!
Shalom Shalom