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Stir It Up!
Published on: May 23, 2024

Some days I wake up feeling God’s presence. Other days it feels blah and “overcast.” On those types of days I know I am to stir myself up. Today was just such a day!

There are many ways to stir up the gifts within us. This morning I thought to read John 14 through John 17 out loud in the Passion Translation. As I began to speak things aloud (remember we are all speaking spirits and God wants us to open our mouths into our atmospheres) I felt a tiny bit of stirring from within. We must “press through” when apathy tries to stop our momentum!

John 15:7 says “If you live in life union with Me AND if My words live powerfully within you, then you can ask whatever you desire and it will be done.”

Two things need to happen. We must know we are one spirit with HIM AND we must open the Word of God and pray it back up to Him! It charges the spiritual atmosphere! The activation is real.

God says His Word never returns void, it accomplishes what He sent it to do. When WE say His Word in agreement back to Him, we will get what we are praying for. Trust this. Even if it doesn’t manifest in our lifetimes, we simply become part of the great cloud of witnesses. In that new place it becomes our job to cheer on the saints who remain in this realm. We must all press through together. It is an honor to serve King Jesus in this way.

Stir it up, folks. The Lord wants to hear ALL of our voices!

Shalom Shalom