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What Witnesses We Are!
Published on: May 21, 2024

Holy Spirit spoke one word to me yesterday morning in the midst of my early praying.


“WITNESS” He said.


I knew Chuck Pierce had a teaching about being a witness on Sunday’s web church so I tuned in to catch it. It’s very key in our turbulent times now. The harvest is coming in, and how we WITNESS or TESTIFY about our great God will be the determining factor to SEE your harvest come in.

Celebration Service – Chuck Pierce (5/19) 9AM – Available Replays – GZI TV (


When we testify we actually demonstrate the Name of Jesus. We tell of what He did, does, will do and we are His witnesses in the earth. Then WE actually go out and DO EXPLOITS just as He did. (Daniel 11:32) So there is another part to seeing people’s lives changed and transformed. We are to “do the stuff” through yielding to Him Who is inside of us!


So here’s a recent testimony. I got stung by a nasty yellow jacket in my bathroom early in the morning recently. Groggy at first, then fully roused to pain, I hit it off without thinking & it angrily began pacing the floor. I ran out of there cuz I hate those things. (Childhood trauma memory here. My brother once poked a yellow jacket nest as we walked home from elementary school. I was minding my own business walking across the street and warned him to stay away from it. That thing flew ACROSS the street and bit ME. Bob was unscathed.)


It hurt – a lot. I had no analgesic stuff to put on it. I had no expectation of healing. My mind simply said, well, there’s nothing here to use so I’m just going to have to endure the pain for an hour or so till it lets up. Did I say it hurt? A lot?


I googled how long the pain lasts. I was correct in the natural, it stated it would subside in about 1 to 2 hours.  I had no faith for healing. In under 5 minutes I suddenly realized all the pain was gone. It was very amazing.


HE JUST DID IT. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MY FAITH. As I marveled about this I realized I had a job to do.


I must go back inside to GET that thing because I had to brush my hair. I knew John would not appreciate my waking HIM up to do it. So I got the bug spray and my fly swatter. As I opened the door I prayed, God, let me see that thing & get it!.


It was kind of hidden up on the dark molding but my eyes immediately saw its bumpy form and I sprayed half the can at it! It came roaring toward me, I stepped back & shut the door just as I saw it fall to the ground again. Without thinking too much I opened the door, saw it angrily still walking around on the floor & yes, I beat it up pretty bad. SPLAT & SPLAT & I think maybe a third SPLAT.


It was dead. I was elated! And all the pain was gone! It stayed gone.


Praise our great God Who lives in us and takes care of everything down to the stinging pain of a yellow jacket! Yes, He sees us in all our daily little lives and HE CARES! JESUS CARES!


The more you testify of His Greatness and actually demonstrate Him in the earth, the greater will be the harvest you see coming in.


Shalom Shalom