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Rain/Reign From Heaven
Published on: May 20, 2024

Yes, it was a good day on Saturday. It’s hard to fathom, we’ve been doing monthly outreaches into the city for a year now. We have established some burgeoning relationships and have the honor to pray for those who live very hard lives.

They started lining up at 6am on Franklin Street. We didn’t get there till noon. We now fill 100 bags with food and include packed lunches in there. Bridge of Hope gives generously from their food pantry so we are heavily laden in the box truck! It takes a lot of time to pack and unpack it. Thank goodness for more male help this time! Not only did they do the heavy stuff, they came into the city and even prayed for people.

Three of us went early to try and gather information about those who were willing to share about themselves. As I stood at the head of the line, Dave came up and spoke into my ear.

“There are no homeless in this line yet,” he said. He said he would let me know the ones who were. We serve both the poor and homeless, who come to the front of the line when they are there.

Nobody spoke English as I began to go down the line.

“Liz! You’re up!” I called. Liz is Puerto Rican by heritage and bilingual. The first few people all wanted prayer. I prayed, she translated, then she prayed. It rained the whole time.

“Young lady, may I have a word with you?” I turned to see Frederick, a very nice man who often comes by when we are there. He works at Saucony Creek Franklin Station Brew Pub. “We’re a five star restaurant!” he beamed at me.

Frederick is working on an idea to get us under a pavilion area nearby so we would not need to use 3 canopies as we set up this time. He was so touched that we “are trying to help the community here.”  Then he told me about having two deaths in his family within a month and he was so devastated by them. He allowed me to pray for him. Then he followed me around with his umbrella because I had not thought to bring one! We prayed for as many as we could until the truck pulled up.

I love that a few local folks helped behind the tables! When the homeless came by Harry often pointed them out to me so we could give them their items.

There was almost a fight, instigated by one woman, but it was contained quickly. Everyone else was polite. The man who was booming the extremely loud rap music last time gifted us with quiet. He walked by with his bulldog and we all made a fuss over him. Hosea brought out his little Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix and it could not stop licking me. Many of the pets are very friendly and quite adorable!

Whatever the weather does, we are ONLY God dependent on these monthly outings. The whole thing was His idea, given to me years ago in a vision of the city with Neversink Mountain in the backdrop. (Get it?)  Things are accelerating and God’s provision is plentiful.

I declare that precious people will be saved, healed, delivered and changed. They will come into their destiny. You know, sometimes you just gotta SAY SOMETHING HEAVEN IS SAYING.

Shalom Shalom