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No Matter How Low
Published on: May 16, 2024

In David Guzik’s study guide for Psalm 69, G. Campbell Morgan describes it this way. “Perhaps in no psalm in the whole psalter is the sense of sorrow profounder or more intense than in this. The soul of the singer pours itself out in unrestrained abandonment to the overwhelming and terrible grief which consumes it.”

There is SO much in this study to comment on. David foreshadowed Jesus in his sufferings, which were much greater as Jesus bore all the sin of all the world of all time. No matter what David suffered, his concern for the people came through. Jesus ultimately went through everything for our rescue, for the glory of His Father. He alone saved us.

“Zeal for Your house has eaten me up,”  means David, and later Jesus, were exhausted and driven by grief, anger, fervent love and desire, which are the emotions of zeal and this was for the glory of The Father! Jesus was jealous for His name and full of fiery love for His family. That’s us!

Like David but more intensely, Jesus became a byword, was scorned by men and bore all their reproaches. David prayed and asked God to rescue him. Although David asked God to blot His enemies out of His book, Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing.” “In this, Jesus shows no tolerance for evil. He shows that He was free from all personal vindictiveness.” (Morgan). Oh, that WE would live in this freedom!

David then moved to magnify God’s name. I love this phrase. “And you who seek God, your HEARTS SHALL LIVE.” No matter what we go through here, our HEARTS are now ALIVE IN HIM. He HAS AWAKENED HIS BRIDE!

“As low as this Psalm began, it soars to the highest praise in the end!” (D Guzik)

That’s where we go, no matter how low we feel or what we go through. We present ourselves to God in all our emotions. We pour it out, then offer Him our worship. Whether we wake up in worship or must press through to magnify Him, we must do it. It is our greatest need and most profound strategy against  the devil. He cannot stand to hear our worship to the Lord!

Shalom Shalom