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Supernatural Connections
Published on: May 13, 2024

Happy Monday!

When Nadine and I got home from the truck run on Thursday there was a young woman cleaning the church. After I left Nadine picked up her remaining items inside and asked her if she would like any brownies left over from that morning which she had baked for the food pantry folks. They got to talking.
Turns out, the young woman works for a Lancaster county pilot program that – guess what? Targets the homeless. She drives around with policemen and works with the homeless who also often have mental health issues. She does much direct contact with them. She gets them to Dr appointments, gets them inside and even stays overnight as needed.
I met Leanna yesterday. She hopes to join us at our outreaches. Her experience will be invaluable.
Listen, you might as well just surrender your life and whatever God has you doing, to Him. Ask Him for the GIFT of surrender. He told me it’s from Him anyway, as everything else is! NO ONE can set things up like He can. He is the Only True Totally Trustworthy One!!
Shalom Shalom