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Our Father As Eagle
Published on: April 15, 2024

God is SO GOOD Beloved. He is always inviting us to come closer!

I recently had a dream. I sat near the back in a room filled with people. The Teacher was up front.
“What do eagles represent?” He asked the group. Nobody dared to answer.
I tentatively raised my hand. The Teacher motioned to me to speak.
“They often represent the prophetic, having eyes to see what God is doing,” I offered.
“No,” He said.
I woke up. Whenever we get dreams like this it is an invitation to ask God about what we don’t understand, which is mostly everything.
“God, that is all I know about eagles. What am I missing?” I asked.
Sitting at my computer, I wondered about the Hebrew significance of the word. Here is what I found.
“The eagle holds a special place in that it represents God’s protective care for His people.”
“As an eagle stirs up its nest, flutters over its young, spreads out its wings, takes them, bears them on its pinions.”  Deut 32:11. (This provoked me to get back into the Old Testament to absorb MORE of Who God is!)
Further, “the eagle carries the character of a mighty warrior, and at the same time, it is the protecting fatherly manifestation of God. Indeed, the last two letters of the Hebrew word “ne-sher” mean a prince, a mighty warrior. The Jewish people see themselves as under God’s protective care in this way and also feel Him wrapped around them as when they wear a prayer shawl, or tallit.”
God wraps around us with intense comfort and wars on our behalf because He is a mighty warrior! I like that imagery a lot!
I invite you to see yourself wrapped in His loving Warrior armsI
Shalom Shalom