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Your Gentle Shepherd
Published on: April 10, 2024
I often ponder various parts of Psalm 23. As I thought “Your rod and staff comfort me” I envisioned Our Good Shepherd fighting off the enemy that plagues us using His rod, and then pulling us back onto the straight and narrow path with His Shepherd’s crook, or staff. Suddenly I heard Him.
“That’s holiness,” He said.
Holiness is ownership. He owns us. We may be ecstatically glad about that! Our joy should brim over at this truth!
What does the word “comfort” mean in this Psalm? According to the Strong’s concordance it sometimes means repent and other times it means showing empathy and compassion for others.
Recently I experienced both of these as He GENTLY asked me a question about a crying spell that came on me very suddenly. I cannot overemphasize how tender His voice was! Because I heard Him, the underlying reason for my tears came forth. It was not what I thought it was! I definitely needed His comfort and I needed to comprehend what was truly going on and make a shift in my thoughts. We must have this understanding.
“Com” means “with” and “fort” means “strength. “Hence, when one repents, he exerts strength to change, to re-grasp the situation, and exert effort for the situation to take a different course of purpose and action.” Strong’s Concordance.
The Lord’s compassion enabled me to grab hold of the truth and I thanked Him for saving me again. None of us are alone! He is right here to lead and guide us. He is our Shepherd! We just need help to receive His care. Then we can truly help others.
“Only a holy God can make holy an unholy people. He does this by the sanctifying power of his Holy Spirit in every heart fully yielded to him (Ephesians 5:18). ” J. Denison from Denison Forum.
“Lord, You are so safe. You are our hiding place, our Rock and Refuge. Help us to yield, receive Your truth and comfort and take visible action steps to change, for Your glory, for the sake of Your kingdom to come here on the earth,  in Jesus’ Name.”
Shalom Shalom