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What’s On The Docket?
Published on: April 8, 2024

Hi Folks

The word “condemn” has a very strong meaning. “To declare to be reprehensible, wrong or evil; to pronounce guilty; convict; sentence, doom.” Synonyms include blame, censure, criticize and denounce. This word comes from the Latin root for “to damn!”
What did Jesus death and resurrection do for us? It took care of ALL condemnation that comes at us, from others or from within ourselves, when our overworked hearts even accuse us! Something tough happens and we question, where did we go wrong, how did we create or contribute to it? If in any way our hearts were NOT right about something, Holy Spirit will convict us in peace and we will simply repent and that’s the end of it. I just did that this morning! But that’s not how condemnation works and it is very evil, insidious and constant against the Body of Christ, the most beautiful people on the earth!
So because of Jesus, we are absolved, acquitted, cleared, exonerated and vindicated against all accusation from the enemy.
There is NOTHING on the docket against you. The Blood of Christ annihilated it. WA HOOO!
Shalom Shalom