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Published on: March 22, 2024

Good Early Morning Beloved

Do you ask God for wisdom? If so, that’s wise because human “wisdom” doesn’t cut it. God also says, “in all your wisdom get understanding.” Prov 4:7 What is understanding?
We hear things repeatedly and don’t “grab hold” of what we are hearing. People can tell us something and we forget in 30 seconds. We read the Word and don’t take it in. When we get understanding we actually GRASP the context and implications of what we are hearing so we then have discernment (can separate one thing from another) and now we have the capacity to APPLY what we’ ve learned in any given situation. We can “see the bigger picture” and make Godly decisions. When we have understanding we are in harmony with God.
I needed understanding yesterday to pray for Angie so I asked God for it. She got an eviction notice but her landlord agreed to work with us on this. We struck an agreement with him and then with her. She’s got to pull her weight in this but there have been evil spirits blocking her, affecting her thought processes, producing bad decisions, hopelessness and then pushing her back into homelessness.
We have to see the spiritual realm’s influence on us if we are going to be effective in our prayers. With understanding we can then pray against what’s coming at them so they can break free and live the way God wants them to.  After I explained the agreement and how it would work, she agreed and I prayed for her mindset to change.
Pray for Angie to “grab hold” of what she heard yesterday and to stay inside! Pray for yourselves to have wisdom and understanding in all that God sets before you! Understanding is when we are “standing under” God’s plumbline!
Shalom Shalom