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Published on: March 18, 2024

Good Morning Most Loved

Psalm 46 is amazing. All of God’s Word is active and alive and it transforms us, especially as we SELAH – take a moment and pause in careful thought about God’s immeasurable strength and power, and how He sees each one of us individually!

“Martin Luther, when in greatest distress, was wont to call for this psalm, saying, Let us SING the 46th Psalm in concert; and then let the devil do his worst.” (John Trapp)

Ha Ha! I actually LOVE that! Note, Martin Luther kicked back at the devil WHEN IN GREATEST DISTRESS. That’s what the Bride of Christ does. We pick up our Bibles and hurl the Word of God at evil! They are not just “words”, they carry the power of God as we speak them out! This morning as I prayed about how great God is, I heard “open your mouth” so I began to SAY out loud what I was thinking inside. We must be proactive! Don’t wait for something bad to happen, forbid evil from coming near you and your family. Get into the secret place in Psalm 91 and pray it with Holy Spirit Who is inside you every day!

This great Psalm reassures us that no matter how tumultuous events appear, God is our refuge and strength! He is a very present help in trouble. Therefore we WILL NOT fear, because God is so much greater than anything that happens.

Selah. No really, take a moment to consider this. As I sang just the first paragraph, I really lingered on singing the word “selah.” A heavy peace enveloped me almost immediately. I desire more than ever to wait in His Presence.

I bless each one of you today! I pray you draw ever nearer to Your King Who greatly desires your beauty! Yes, and all men who read this too! He is everything!!

Selah and Shalom Shalom