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You Are Victorious
Published on: March 13, 2024

Good Morning Beloved

The enemy’s been disrupting my sleep a lot lately so I just press in and pray more. At some point he will back off because he’s not getting the desired effect he wants. “If all she’s gonna do is pray more we better leave her alone,” I imagine the demons saying.
As I lay awake early this morning I meditated again about “being seated with Christ in heavenly places.” I thought about the river of life flowing out of me. We are connected to God’s Holy Spirit inside, we are One with Him which is mind blowing. As I pondered this the Lord told me it’s a seat of honor that HE alone purchased for us and that I should sit down! I imagined myself sitting in that precious seat in order to legislate from above, not beneath on the earth.
“People don’t understand (they are) victorious,” He then said. Wow, that’s for sure, me included!
I looked up the word victorious because that’s the exact word He used. This word means “having won a victory.”  The word “having” means to hold or maintain as a possession what you ALREADY HAVE. It means to “stand in relationship to.” It reminds me of “having done all, STAND with the armour on.” We are to simply defend what we already possess, in faith. We hold it till it manifests here.
On Sunday when all the sinus symptoms left the manifestation of health told me, wow, I’m healed. I don’t have to suffer for 2 weeks! But note it was not my “great faith” that did it. The Holy Spirit led me to ask for help to “think deeply” about King Jesus and when I obeyed Him, He made His move! We can never know HOW He’s going to lead us, we just stay tuned in. I now have more evidence about the power of meditation and His goodness which lead us to repentance. Today I turn back to Him in gratitude and recognize I did not understand I was already victorious and I thank Him for His immense patience and love and mercy!
Ask Him today for help in understanding how these truths apply to you. He wants us all to have breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough!
Shalom Shalom