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Receive Shalom in the War Zone
Published on: March 4, 2024

I felt God wanted me to extend more fully His Shalom over you today. I wait for confirmations of what to send and actually FELT His peace, His full Shalom, as I began to write this. Remember what I have sent in the past? It’s time to repeat this.

Shalom means let God’s covenant be upon you! In the Hebrew understanding of what “peace’ or “shalom” means, it is so vast, so complete, so huge we can hardly grasp it. Here is the fullest interpretation. Receive this as your prayer today.

“May God and His Kingdom be with me in a dominion, reigning way. May God overpower me with prosperity,¬†health and well-being. May my enemies be paralyzed. May my body become healthy. May I become wealthy in all that I do. Father, I invoke Your name into my life NOW. I pray this, reinforcing Your eternal covenant with me!”

Remember, in heaven everything is in order and that order is called “shalom.” There is no sickness, poverty, demons or confusion. Receive this as a prayer too.

“May what is in heaven be upon me! May God be upon me, everything that is about HIM be upon ME and I receive THAT PEACE today in Jesus magnificent name!”
When the enemy pushes you out of shalom, KNOW that your covenant with the Most High is being violated. Return to your covenant and tell the enemy the truth. “No, by His stripes I WAS healed. Jesus meets all my needs according to His riches in glory! The Lord is My Shepherd, I lack NOTHING!”

Peace has to do with our established authority within God’s covenant, so know Jesus’ blood was enough no matter what you are going through right now. Declare this! Imagine yourself walking and staying in SHALOM and keep it up. Return your mind to the REALITY of the eternal realms where Jesus is seated at Father’s right hand. He knows all you are going through. We war with God’s Word to bring it into this realm so it manifests. When we speak out from the Word of God, and we KEEP DOING IT we drive the enemy out.

It’s a war zone in this realm. Don’t give up. As we first RECEIVE His Shalom we are then able to war from that place as speaking spirits. God’s angels get activated and we work together with them.

Shalom Shalom