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Psalm 40
Published on: February 27, 2024

Good Morning Alert Ones

I have been parked on Psalm 40 for the past few days. The opening line is this.

“I waited patiently for the Lord”

David Guzik’s teaching gripped me as he expounded on the Hebrew meaning in quoting Poole.

“I waited patiently, Heb. in waiting I waited; which doubling of the word notes that he waited diligently and earnestly, patiently and perseveringly, until God should please to help him.” (Poole)

Let’s face it, we don’t like to wait. Our flesh says, no, I don’t think so, I want answers now. Well, it’s time to tell our flesh, “we are waiting, period.” If we don’t discipline our body it will not submit to God. If we don’t transform our soul through meditating upon the Word it will continue to fight against our spirit.

It was a war yesterday from 6am onwards. Half my day was spent taking care of necessary things for clients, the nonprofit, the monthly outreaches, packing for a trip, yada yada. My heart became anxious. I pushed my chair away from my computer, turned my back on it, and closed my eyes. I FOCUSED on the words, “in waiting I now wait.” I thanked God. I thought about heaven in all its glory and the thunderings and lightnings coming from Him on His Throne and the angels crying holy holy holy and the elders throwing their crowns down and the huge cherubim who cover the Father! GLORY! That is happening right now and always! In waiting I waited!

All distraction faded and peace settled over me like a warm blanket. I came out of that time calm, filled with hope and a fresh alertness. We ALL need to be more watchful with everything happening in America and the whole world today! We WILL be as we wait, focus, and expect Him to move in His timing.

Do you realize that we show God we TRUST Him by waiting? Then we know that He hears and delivers, puts a new song in our mouths AND others see our thankful hearts, our diligent and practiced times of gratitude toward God and THEY learn to trust Him too! Listen, start with 5 minutes and THINK about Him. He is IN YOU!

Pull away from all you must DO. Adore Him in the midst of life’s circumstances. Come away renewed and ready for all He so much wants to do in and through you.

Wow, I need to worship right now!

Shalom Shalom