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Stay In There
Published on: February 19, 2024
Another amazing week looms before all of us. What trials or opposition will present themselves as opportunities before us? Whatever comes, hang in there. Last week our Bible study was entitled “Stay in there.”
We experience harrassment and troubles whether we actively pursue Jesus or not. Don’t fall for the lie that if you “lie low” the enemy won’t notice you. We “stay in there” with Jesus and He does not back off from any evil. He already overcame it. He develops our character through the toughest of times so that we become so strong and trust Him so much the enemy actually sees that and backs off.
So why go through this process? I quote from our bible study. “We have to gain the character and tenacity that comes from hardships to turn it back onto the devil. Once our character gets formed and we pass our tests we can do real damage to the enemy. There is an intensity that happens from suffering, where we learn lessons of diligence and discipline. We are being set up to do the right things and we are discovering and overcoming by faith. We are learning how to believe, and out of it all, God gets the glory. Our tolerance gets built up and we are full of hope.”
If you would like to participate in our Bible study, please email and I will give you the information about it. We have both in person and zoom meetings every week. We have folks from as far away as Delaware. I love to hear how the Holy Spirit speaks through everyone! You may also go to and get information about forming your own Warrior Fellowship group. If you’re not sure about joining but would like to see a recording, our group is also fine with that.
Shalom Shalom