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Enjoy God
Published on: February 15, 2024
So often, what we have to share with others can seem too basic to put out there. But oh, what  profound connections we make when we obey and say them!
I had a brief vision of touching someone who was angry and showing it. “Everything will be alright,” was all I said. Later I remembered that flash and tentatively said I felt I had a word from the Lord for them. “He said that everything would be all right,” I said. Guess what. They received it and calmed down. That meant a lot to God, letting them know He knew them, He cared, and He had it under control.
This morning I felt like staying snuggled in a cocoon of warmth as I worshipped the Lord. As I finally got up to begin my day I heard Him say one thing.
Yes, enjoy God while all around us is chaos. He already conquered it. It’s finished. We have one or two things to do around here till we see the manifestation of that. However, TRUTH still stands. It’s already done.
Shalom Shalom