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Wisdom Over Worry
Published on: February 14, 2024

David Guzik summarizes Psalm 37 as a teaching to choose “wisdom over worry.” Great title. Here are some highlights. These are excellent to meditate upon. Which of these truths impact you the most today?  I would love to hear feedback on this one.

We are instructed in this Psalm to deliberately redirect our emotions from whatever troubles us, onto Jesus. This takes effort on our part. It is so easy to come under worry. It takes determination to shove it away by force, take it captive, and refocus onto the King.

We can do it, it just takes effort.

What are we to replace worry with? Delighting in Him.  Replace all those vexing thoughts with meditation upon Father God. Revel in the truth that He knows everything about us, already took care of everything for us, and enjoys communing with us.

Don’t get “all worked up” when the wicked prosper for the short time they are on the earth.

Trust in God and do good for His glory.

Cheer up as you consciously delight in the Lord and His multiple blessings. He gives us more of HIM in our delighted focus upon Him! More of HIS personality. Wouldn’t we all love to both exude and see more people exhibiting love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,faithfulness, gentleness, and self control? What a world that would be! Hey, that’s a great prayer. “Lord, I delight in You! Give me more of Yourself every day so I may transform and affect everyone around me!”

Commit yourself to Him. Ask Him to gift you with surrender daily.

Rest in the Lord, wait for Him and do not defend yourself. Let God do it. This is TRUE MEEKNESS. and it goes against self-assertion. I teach people to assert their feelings in situations when they do not want to pursue HIM. At the bottom of my questionnaire it says “are there any spiritual issues you would like to pursue?” I have to sigh when people say “no, I’m good,” or just “NO.” God’s truth is our plumbline and it goes against worldly truth. I still WANT to exhort them to practice patient faith in God about what’s happening but cannot do so in these cases. I then pray that God would reveal Himself to them so they may grow in Him.

God is in us and He will give us words to reach people.

Trust God. He KNOWS your days. “He will either shorten your trials or increase His power” during them. (Clarke). I testify to that truth!

Your steps are ordered. He will uphold you, period. He is our strength in trouble! Let our mouths speak wisdom out of His word constantly!

It does my heart such good to review this Psalm with you all. God blesses the writers and the readers!

Shalom Shalom