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God Restores
Published on: February 7, 2024
“I got my voice back,” Natalie said to me on Sunday after our prayer time. Her eyes filled with tears at the goodness of God.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“I used to sing solos all the time and then a few years ago it all stopped. All I could do was warble these unsteady notes. It made me so sad. I kept praying and now, suddenly, I feel He has restored my voice! I can actually work on a hymn I sang years ago,” she said.
“That is amazing!” I said. I could feel God’s pleasure in her, in how He designed her and His delight in her grateful heart. I don’t know why she lost her voice, but I know He surely restored it.
Pastor Larry delivered God’s Word with power and love. The worship team came forward to lead in song. Monica is someone who is often up front with the worship team but today she was not. Suddenly she took off her blue scarf and began waving it before her. I felt God’s heart stir as she made this simple movement of worship.
After the service I thanked her for her surrender in that heartfelt gesture. “What do you think about having some flags in worship?” I asked her. She smiled.
“That’s a great idea! We have a little room up front to do that. I will ask Trisha about it.” (Trisha is Pastor Larry’s wife.)
God is all about restoration, in simple and profound ways. As He restored Nat’s voice, He also got the Dewald family inside and they are working toward steady jobs and staying there.
Lord, we turn our hearts toward You afresh and thank You for Your providential care and restoration in all the ways You do it.  We keep our focus upon Your Goodness. We know that our steps are surely ordered by You. We say “yes” to the immense privilege of partnering with You in our daily lives, for the benefit of others and for Your kingdom’s advancement. Thank You for changing our hearts in order that we may show forth Yours, in Jesus’ mighty name.
Shalom Shalom