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What Happens
Published on: January 26, 2024
Good Morning Those Who Have Hope in Christ
As we stay engaged with God through prayer and meditation upon His Word we become transformed. It’s the only way our souls change. Yesterday I had a deeper understanding about this. Revelation unveils over time as we continue to seek His Face, as we stay in relationship with Him.
A few months ago I heard “the voice of the Lord is the Lord of the voice.” I asked for more. I got it yesterday as I moved onto Psalm 29 with David Guzik.
This Psalm is pure praise. David talks about the voice of the Lord. There are only 11 verses and 7 of them describe His voice. Two descriptions refer to it like thunder and lightning. A “typical” thunderstorm is equal to 10,000,000 kilowatt hours of energy which is equal to a 20 kiloton nuclear warhead. God’s Voice is even more powerful. It spoke into existence ALL that is.
The strength and authority of God’s actual voice connects directly to His Word, the words written by men in the Bible under the unction of the Holy Spirit. “The words uttered in the Word with His Voice have the same strength and authority” as if we heard Him audibly. That hit me. No wonder it transforms our souls! We think we are reading some words but we are actually receiving truth, healing and power that comes from Him as we read and meditate, chew, ponder, rehearse them in our feeble minds.
The nuclear warhead does not destroy us! God’s “strength” communicates itself to us through peace. He brings His strength to us and blesses us with peace for we are His. 
I think that is amazing. I pray this makes us hunger more and more to immerse ourselves in His Word. We need deep peace and relationship with Him in the world!
Shalom Shalom