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Time To Go Home
Published on: January 10, 2024

Good Morning Most Favored of the Most High

I am supposed to release this word about FOCUS this morning.
Distractions abound in our atmospheres. Things demand attention. Our cellphones lure us like sirens. What must we do?
We must FOCUS. We must DIRECT our attention, our highest point of concentration towards and onto King Jesus. This will permit clear understanding. We will see heaven’s viewpoint in all situations. As we allow for “free space” of waiting on Him, our vision becomes distinct. Waiting may involve chewing over a scripture, or praying in English or tongues. Whatever He leads us to do, we bow our knees to heaven’s agenda and perspective. It’s the only reality! As we concentrate on God’s realm and His Person, as we rivet our core to Him, we shift into kingdom reality. It’s inevitable if we don’t move from this place WITHIN us.
It takes time and practice. When your mind shifts you away from your true North, just return back to Him. There is nothing more important we can do in this life.
“Focus” comes from the Latin, “hearth” which means our home, our vital and creative center. It’s our true abode.
Jesus is our Home. Right now. It’s time to go Home.
Shalom Shalom