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Published on: December 29, 2023

I can just be a continuous testimony to Jesus, so I will be.

2 weeks ago I was informed that the large box truck from church would DEFINITELY NOT be available to use for our outreach on Dec 30. Dale, Pastor Larry’s brother who spearheads lots of things at Bridge of Hope explained they had to send away for a part so there was no way we would have it. Whoa. How are we going to take everything down and set up? We need 9 tables now and Nadine’s truck is not nearly big enough to put those 40 huge handbags we got from the consignment shop in Sinking Spring plus everything else we have! I didn’t panic, but I went into problem solving mode.

Options – check out rental truck. (I went down that road before & God came through so it cost me nothing, you would think I would get it.) As I typed out an email to a source I was given I KNEW I wouldn’t hear back from them, it was all around Christmas. But I sent it anyway.

Options – maybe someone else has a truck and we can use Nadine’s & another truck. At least we could take more down.
I talked to Barb who is a new person whose heart is very much for this ministry. I had no expectation she would have an answer, I was just telling her about the problem.  “My son-in-law has a big truck, we can probably borrow his. I will let you know.”  That came through, so we now had 2 pick up trucks to use.

This morning after I picked up dog food donations from Nadine, she texted me. “Harry just said the box truck is back!”

I texted Dale, who verified that we could use it tomorrow.

I tell you this to show you how much God is in control of those of us who say “yes” to Him. This morning as I WAITED before Him He said two words.


I received that as a correction because I went into problem solving mode. He expected me to trust and believe, not “fix it.” He knows how much stuff we have to take down to Reading. So I failed that test. The good news is, I can repent, which I did.

This is how we mature in Him. We fail a test, then we get another one and we begin to get passing grades. I want some A’s in trusting God!!

What do you need to trust Him for?

Shalom Shalom