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From The Fountain
Published on: December 27, 2023

Hi Beloved

You opened your gifts from under your trees

Your parties were joyous and loud

Now quietly come and listen to Me

Away from the boisterous crowds

A new heart I give you, formed from My love

Now into the fire you go

Though trials may come, you’re watched from above

So nothing will harm you, you know

My Word, absolute, trustworthy and true

Will carry, sustain you and save

You’ve nothing to fear, and nothing to do

Believe Me, take courage, be brave

Dwell in the secret place under My shadow where no foe can withstand Me. Let Me hear your voice cry out that I am your God, your Refuge and your Fortress. Trust Me in all circumstances.

Remember, I AM with you. I AM for you. I AM in you. You can do nothing without Me yet you can do all things through Me as I strengthen you.

Shalom Shalom