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Fall In Love Again
Published on: December 25, 2023

Hello Cherished Ones

I know, it’s 3am. I just woke up filled with the love of Jesus. As He flows through me I tell you this story now.

I met a man on a trip to Ireland and Scotland. I went with a bunch of radical Jesus lovers. This man showed some “unusual” behaviors. He would kick up his heels in dance while the bus was playing worship music. I recall seeing his feet fly by me as I sat in my bus seat.
One morning he came onto the bus dressed in a long white robe. We were all going into Galway that morning but he did not go into town. He followed God.
Later, a couple who watched over him told us all that happened. He was told by God to visit a nearby park. There a homeless man sat on a bench, head down, with wrists freshly bandaged because he had slit them the night before. He was dejected and in despair. Our “unusual” man danced silently before him for several minutes. At first some nearby teens jeered at him but he peacefully ignored it. He continued to dance in front of the man on the park bench.
The teens grew quiet. The atmosphere was holy.
Finally the man raised his head, and with tears streaming down his face, simply said two words.
“Thank you.”
I heard that our dancer had suffered much abuse as a child. Yet all I saw on him was peace and joy. On the last night of our trip as we left Iona Island I asked him a question.
“I heard you had a very hard life. How did you get so healed?”
He looked at me with eyes full of love and said this.
“Hours and hours in His Presence.” Jesus poured out of him. That encounter forever imprinted on my soul.
Oh Beloved, just fall in love with Him. He is so in love with you.
Yield to His Lordship and Ownership.
Shalom Shalom and Merry Christmas