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Published on: December 20, 2023

Good Morning Ones Full Of Resurrection Power

How’s that for a salutation? It’s true.
God wants us all to become better receivers. We all know it’s good to give! It is even more important to receive the overflow and abundance from God so that we can ENJOY HIM and then our capacity to give greatly increases! We begin to give others more love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, and sometimes we give out material necessities.
The other day my husband asked me to get him a bag of hard pretzels. I had an extra 10 minutes before I was to pick up handbags for the poor so I whipped into the grocery store. I was SO anxious to get him those pretzels! I just wanted to give him what he asked for. It was a different feeling inside. Then I thought, HOW MUCH MORE does God want to give us what we ask Him for! He really does! Just start with praying the Word, because what He says in His Word is a done deal. We do not “ask amiss” through the Word of God.
We need to continue to ask Papa God to heal emotional blockages in our souls which prevent us from receiving all He wants to give. As we do, we will not be able to contain what He pours out.
This supernatural abundance is the only reality God wants us to live by.
Shalom Shalom