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The Battle for Joy
Published on: December 19, 2023

Here are some decrees out of Hebrews 10 that you can make today or any day as the speaking spirits you are here in this realm.


God has given us the New Covenant in Jesus Blood
God has embedded His laws into our hearts
God has fastened His Word to our thoughts
Jesus welcomes us to come into the most holy place boldly without hesitation because He is our life-giving way to approach the Father. His body was torn open to give us free access to the Father and He arose, ascended, and is our Sabbath Rest.
We come closer to God. We draw near with open hearts and offer ourselves a sacrifice to the Father. We are convinced nothing will ever separate us from God’s love.
Our hearts have been sprinkled with Jesus blood which removes all impurities and we are freed from accusing consciences!
We are clean, unstained and presentable to God inside and out.
We wrap our hearts tightly around the hope living within us because God always keeps His promises.
We discover creative ways to encourage others and motivate them toward acts of compassion as we look on others with the excitement of love.
We do beautiful works as expressions of love.
No matter what hardships or trials come, we stand our ground.
We hold onto bold courageous faith and are destined for great reward.
We are God’s righteous ones and live by His faith. We do not cower in fear. Fear does not hold us back so God’s soul is content with us. Jesus faith in us fulfill our souls.
We acknowledge that Jesus gave all of His heart, exposed, visible and vulnerable on the cross and Jesus is ours, He is committed to us. We acknowledge Jesus’ love and allow it to unlock a deep deep work in our hearts so we respond to God with abandon, with open hearts of surrender. We risk all of our hearts and trust our hearts to You, Lord. Search our hearts for depths still closed to You where we withhold trust and full surrender.
We are vulnerable to the pain of others, those in prison, those being mistreated and pray for them.
We feast on God’s grace, Jesus’ blood, at His spiritual altar and join Jesus outside the ungodly religious walls.
We step up to the battle for joy.

“Lord, stretch out Your hand of power through us to heal and move so signs and wonders come by the name of Your holy Son, Jesus. Empower us, your servants, to speak Your word freely.” Acts 4:30

Shalom Shalom