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Bounce Back
Published on: December 15, 2023

Calling all resilient ones!

Just in case anyone is feeling like compressive stress is deforming your mind, will and emotions (your soul) this is just a quick word God said this morning.
“Bouncing back,” He said.
I talk to people that are under such anxiety and stress that they can’t catch a breath. It’s like when a python squeezes a victim. When a breath squeaks out it just constricts tighter. In our minds one unconscious lie comes on top of the other. It’s hard to see straight. Here is the good news.
We are resilient.
Knowing everything that would befall us, God created us to recover from or adjust to stressors, changes, or misfortunes. He made sure we could withstand shocks without suffering permanent damage. He is such a good Father!
Remember, feelings like anxiety, fear, and dread create their own reality. They do not agree with heaven. The only way to transform your mind and replace the lies in wounded emotions is through the Word and Person of God Himself. He IS His Word. When we chew on it we begin to bounce back. When we connect with another person who also knows Him, much truth and comfort also flow forth.
Shalom Shalom