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Joy Is Healing
Published on: December 14, 2023

Good Afternoon All

God is incredibly patient with us.

We are to enjoy how patient He is on our transformation journey. That’s what I heard this morning.

In other words, take pleasure or satisfaction in our life as He continues to mold us into His character. Have a good time with Him! Relax and rejoice, find joy because the Joy Giver is inside us. Yield to joy even when it hurts.

Physical and emotional healing come forth from the Joy Giver. Yes, I can give you another example. As I age sinus issues have become more prominent. I was experiencing cycles of sinus migraines or just continual pressure and pain over and over for the past 2 months. One night a sudden spark of joy erupted as I was carefully trying to lay my head down to sleep. I could feel the pain beneath the surface and thought, I do not want to wake up with one of those migraines again.

The thought that came was, such JOY that God was with me right in that moment! I have no idea how but He helped me to yield and as I was filled with joy all the pain and pressure eased and left. It’s been gone ever since. It’s been at least a week now without any pain which was kind of constant since the beginning of November in various degrees. I have no problems breathing at all.   Do not be impatient with others or with yourself. Impatience is simply pride. This motivates me to repent immediately if I feel that start to rise up. I remind myself of God’s amazing patience and want to be like my Abba.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for helping us to yield to joy in the midst of trouble.

Shalom Shalom