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He Is Potent!
Published on: December 4, 2023

I magnify the Lord this morning! I exalt our Father God in heaven and extol King Jesus and praise the Holy Spirit! Here is an amazing truth to chew and ponder and meditate over.

“Not in your own strength, for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you (energizing and creating in you the power and desire), both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.” Phil 2:13

It is truly amazing. We receive Jesus into our hearts and the Holy Spirit says, ALL RIGHT! HERE WE GO! He begins His work inside of us and this work is continual. “All the while” He is “effectual” which means He is POTENT as He energizies us. Potent means He wields powerful force, authority and influence over us and Her brings about what He wants. Potent comes from the Latin, “to be able” and is akin to “bridegroom” in Goth, and “husband” in Greek and “master” in Sanskrit. Isn’t that perfect!!! YES HE IS!!

He even CREATES in us the power and desire to do His will! To create means to make or to bring into existence something new. It’s nothing WE had inside of us. He CREATES this as we just give Him our yes! WHAT A RELIEF! How GOOD the gospel of Jesus Christ is! Creates comes from the Latin which means not only to come into existence but also to increase in size or numbers, to grow! He causes us to grow in our spirits which then spring forth into our souls after He creates in us the power and desire to do what He wants!!!!

Jesus Christ has already done it all and He continues to do it all. We need to receive this revelation into our hearts which will bring peace. As I read and REST on certain scriptures I then begin to RECEIVE the revelation in my heart which is the game changer! I speak to myself and to all the weary out there who fall into the trap of striving to produce something in their own strength. It’s a fall back reaction sometimes for us because our hearts need continual healing. I decree we are moving more and more into the REST of our good God Who has done it all for us.

Shalom Shalom