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The Word Of God Transforms Our Minds
Published on: November 27, 2023
I began studying the Psalms under David Guzik’s teachings, which you may access online free of charge. Today I share nuggets from Psalm 1.
We are blessed, which means deeply content, as we walk right with God.
We THINK and BEHAVE differently than the ungodly do. We discern ungodly counsel from others and even within ourselves because the unredeemed parts of our minds will present this as we continue to transform. Can you say process?
Guess where completely Godly counsel is found? Yes, In His Word! GO THERE FIRST. GO TO HIM.
We righteous ones often take the road less travelled. It’s a narrow way!
We do not criticize others – especially not in the Body of Christ. We don’t scorn them. We may discern where they are “off” by God’s grace as He keeps showing us where WE are “off” but we don’t scorn them.
Our delight is in God’s entire Word so no one has to pressure us to meditate upon it. Our delight is measured by how much we hunger for it.
When we meditate we don’t empty our minds as eastern thought dictates. We FILL our minds with the word of God. We chew, mull it over, pray it back to the Lord. In fact, just take these bullet points and say out loud, “I am blessed, I think and behave righteously, I go to God first, I take the narrow way, I do not scorn others and I delight in God’s word. I fill my mind with it!”
We are trees living by a continual source of water so our roots are DEEP. We bring forth fruit in season, so don’t get discouraged when it’s not ripe yet.
Even tough circumstances cause us to prosper!
The ungodly are like chaff, which just blow off of grain kernels with a puff of wind. We see a huge difference between being a tree with deep roots vs easily disposed of chaff.
The Hebrew says “The Lord is knowing” our way which means He is constantly looking upon us.  Now finish your decree today as the speaking spirit you are! You are just like Your Father Who spoke everything into existence!
“I am a tree with deep roots living by God’s river and I prosper in all I do. Lord, You are knowing me constantly!”
You will feel better after declaring God’s Word out loud back to Him. Angels are activated to minister for us as we speak His Word.
Shalom Shalom