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Happy and Hungry
Published on: November 22, 2023
I often sink into Psalm 23 when too many thoughts come at me, especially at night when I am winding¬†down. I take my time as I think about each sentence. One night as I was about to say “You make me lie down in green pastures” He inserted the word “happy” so that I said, “You make me happy to lie down in green pastures.” When driven by all the activity in the world, where so many things want our attention (and some very legitimate things) it is hard to let go and lie down. But it’s necessary. So I simply agreed, and said “Yes, Lord, You make me happy to lie down!” It makes me think of being still where we KNOW He is God.
This morning He used another word. “Hungry” He inserted as I was mulling over lying down in green pastures. So He makes us happy AND hungry to lie down, so that we may receive more of Him. It makes me think of a driving force, not out of striving, but out of necessity and passion to be WITH HIM. He confirmed this HUNGRY word within 30 minutes as I tuned in to a Rabbi Schneider, whom someone just directed me to early this morning!
Rabbi Schneider has a website below. I really enjoyed listening to His clear teaching!
Rabbi Schneider spoke of communion as receiving wisdom and direction from God, abiding in Him so that we only do His will. The steps to abiding are as follows. We pull out from the world. We take time to listen in various ways. We say YES to what we understand from God. We then “pick up our cross” which means we put feet to our yes and take action to OBEY. He develops this HUNGER in us for deeper fellowship and we CHOOSE how intimate we want to become with Him. We can be like the large crowd who wanted the food; or like the smaller crowd who were fascinated by His miracles; or like the true disciples who continued in His word; or like the 12 apostles; or like the 3, Peter, James and John, who had the highest level of intimacy with Him.
He wants us all to choose to long for the deepest intimacy where we submit everything to Him.
Shalom Shalom and have a very blessed Thanksgiving!