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Ungodly Mindsets
Published on: November 20, 2023

There are things we believe that the evil one covers over in our minds. Christian or not, we all have wrong mindsets except we don’t see them until the Holy Spirit takes the veil away. Suddenly we are confronted with beliefs that often come down the generational line.

If your parents believed it, you may also. That doesn’t mean it comes from God.

My father used to tell me sad stories about his childhood. He got abused quite a lot. His belief about it was simple.

“Well, I deserved it,” he concluded.

I used to tell him, no, you did NOT deserve that treatment, you deserved to be corrected in the way God would have had you corrected. But he could not receive that truth. So he remained in the lie of shame.

This morning God revealed how this generational belief impacted my life. It’s not that I was unaware my father held this belief, I just didn’t see how the infection spread into mine. Did you ever think, well, I deserved that! It’s a twisting that satan loves to use. Evil spirits cause all of this in our lives, then they blame us for it, and we accept it as truth when we are young and vulnerable.

We may make poor choices which result in consequences, that’s true. I’m not talking about that. We ALL need mercy. I’m referring to a specific twisting from evil perpetrator spirits that prey on children who don’t know any better than to accept it at the time.

The good news is, when God reveals these things He sets us free. Here is another great reason to be thankful to Him, not just this week or Thursday, but every day. God is amazing.

Ask Father God to first reveal, then set you free from any ungodly beliefs which may be generational that are tying you down.

Shalom Shalom