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Love Is Tangible
Published on: November 18, 2023
The weeks are getting busier and busier so I have not sent daily emails. Nadine and I continue to meet with the homeless. We do all we can to get them in touch with services that may help them. We have some money set aside to help them with needs. We welcome any and all donations toward this. These are real human beings behind my stories, made in the image of God.
If any of you would like to contribute to Christmas for the poor or homeless in the city, let me know. Christmas cards with encouraging words would be wonderful. Toiletry items with candy or cookies in a small bag would be lovely. A lot of the homeless hang out in the bus station across the street from our outreach and we can easily go in there and hand bags out and tell them Jesus loves them. Some of you may have other brilliant ideas, we welcome them all.
Years ago I remember what a nun said, who worked with the destitute in a city. After she described all their work and the love outpouring from the relationships there, she said a statement I will never forget.
“We’re not home until we’re all home.”
Shalom Shalom