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God’s Wrap-Around Presence
Published on: November 16, 2023

I had an experience with God one morning and He is bringing this back to me very strongly today. As I share I pray for an impartation to hit you so you may also receive.

I just woke up and suddenly God’s presence surrounded me like a warm cocoon. It was not confining in any sense. It was just warm and snuggly and I wanted to stay there forever. He whispered inside & it shook me, saying, “Immanual.”

Yesterday I woke up and just remembered the experience and sank into it again. It’s like these become imprinted within our very beings. It felt wonderful,¬†safe and calming. Anybody need this today? Anybody need this everyday?

This morning as I thought about the upcoming outreach and administrating all of that I felt the striving and decided to fall back into the cocoon of Jesus. Everytime my thoughts wanted to wander to “how” we will do this or that, I got the striving sense, let go and went back to Him and EACH TIME my body relaxed and I could feel the striving leave.

Here are some verses to ponder and sink into today.

“God, Your wrap-around presence is our defense” Psalm 84:9 TPT

“God’s glory is all around me! His wrap-around presence is all I need.” Ps 62:7

“God, Your wrap-around presence is my shield.” Ps 7:10 TPT

“God, Your wrap-around presence is my protection and defense.” Ps 7:10

“His Wrap-around presence always protects me.” Song of Sol 2:6 TPT

I pray that His TANGIBLE wrap-around presence is experienced by everyone reading this today.

Shalom Shalom