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Don’t Overdo It
Published on: November 14, 2023
Very simple words heard this morning.
“If you don’t overdo it, it has no power over you.”
So think about things in your life where you “overdo” it. This can be anything.
When we overdo, we do to excess; we exaggerate; we come into exhaustion.
It’s a word I needed to hear so I am watchful to see what the Lord reveals about it. We certainly don’t want the enemy to have power over us so this overdoing is an easy way to catch one of his  schemes. I push back by deliberately setting aside time to pray and rest. It’s been harder lately because of all the activity around my third book coming out and the outreaches and all kinds of things surrounding connecting in relationship with the folks in Reading. In order not to overdo and go into burnout I must set aside time just to be with Him.
As the holidays approach you will find many demands made on your time. Sink into your connection with Jesus. You will find rest for your soul and you will actually become more productive.
We cannot fail as we wait for and trust in God.
I feel better already!
Shalom Shalom