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You Cannot Fail
Published on: October 26, 2023

Good Morning Children of God

We are children and sons of God at the same time. We believe God in childlike wonder and we bring His kingdom to earth in the ways He leads.
“To them (the apostles) Jesus showed Himself alive after His passions (His suffering in the garden and on the cross) by (a series of ) many convincing demonstrations (unquestionable evidences and infallible proofs) appearing to them during forty days and talking (to them) about the things of the kingdom of God. ” Acts 1:3 Amplified Bible
Since Jesus was given an extra 40 days to preach, we should attend to what He spoke about during those days. It was about “the kingdom of God.” God has been repeating this term “kingdom” to me in the past several days. Last night into this morning He spoke very strongly to me. In fact, around midnight He said “please pray tonight” so I got up and began to listen for specifics and pray. Some things came to mind but my spirit was in front leading in prayer which is one with His spirit. So I trust I yielded my tongue so He could pray out what He desired.
He told me there is “no failure” in His kingdom. That means whatever HE SENDS you to do, you will have success. The key is knowing He is sending you, so He must provide.
Father God, in Jesus name I pray we all may receive this truth today. You send each of  us forward into everyday life. As we stay rooted and grounded in Your love we trust we cannot fail.
“The most supernatural thing you can do is walk in love.” Kevin Zadai.
That’s when miracles manifest.
Shalom Shalom