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Consistency Causes Efficiency
Published on: October 19, 2023

Don’t let evil spirits knock you off your pace. They come to break your momentum when you begin to accelerate in God’s wisdom and love. I repeat this because it happens frequently to all of us and I hear people get discouraged and go into “why me?”

Because we’re in a war. That’s just the way it is here. I get hit after times of deeper prayer and longing for God. I just got hit this morning again. So I stay consistent with encouragement for all who read this.

If evil can’t get to us, it will get to someone close to us. It will go after our pets. It will cause things to break in our houses because it is going after our finances. It will cause disruption in our lives in any ways it can in order to disrupt our pace.

Evil really came at my computer a few weeks ago, for several days in a row. It’s a new one! Problems especially hit the day I had to set up zoom calls for the kingdom. I had trouble every day. Often my husband would just walk in the room and oh my, the computer stopped all the crazy and behaved normally. It was ridiculous. But I recognized his authority.

So we joined in prayer as we informed all evil it was to stay off everything. I asked my husband for all the computer parts and words to include them in the prayer. Routers, modems, cables and so forth were included.

Ever since then it’s been calm. Everything operates normally.

I don’t know what you need to speak to in your atmosphere, but you need to say something! Use God’s Word to pray and it will lead you to fresh manna for each circumstance you face.  Get up and smack evil when it breaks your momentum. Stay consistent.

The Holy Spirit is right here! He knows us, He cares and He’s brilliant! He will give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation to know Jesus!

Shalom Shalom