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How Many Days Has It Been?
Published on: October 10, 2023

I just heard recently that if we don’t receive encouraging words every 3 to 4 days we start to wither. I don’t know how this number of days was decided upon, but intuitively it seems right to me. After I heard that, I thought, oh, no wonder God wants me to send out these emails! His directions are always to teach, uplift and encourage His Body on the earth.

It hit me that this was very important to God.

What we all do is very dear to His heart. You may take it for granted, your daily life and all those you impact. But God says what you do matters much more than you know.

I have heard stories about how teachers made one remark to a student and it saved their life. Or someone spoke the right word at the right time and another’s life was rerouted. It’s the power of the tongue.

I have also seen the devastation that is wrought by thoughtless, careless and hurtful words. People carry these into adulthood and don’t even realize it till they are in a position to process recurrent destructive cycles in their lives. At the root of cycles of rejection are painful words spoken into a child who had no defenses against them.
But God! He positions us near to Him as He uncovers wounds of words. Then He shows us truth. It may hit when we are reading His Word, or when suddenly someone says something kind. He may speak truth into us while we sleep! He loves to surprise us!

Speak life into people. You may be the only one who did it that day.

And it might be 4 days since they heard something encouraging!

Shalom Shalom