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What About Mindsets?
Published on: October 9, 2023
I have been praying with tears for Israel and the people there. Our environment has changed and we must be alert to the movings of the Holy Spirit more than ever before in our history. There is one major thing that gets in the way of our thinking like and obeying Him. That is our mindset.
A mindset is a mental attitude or inclination. It is the way we think about things. It can be very “fixed” within us which gets in the way of hearing and obeying HIM. We think our mindsets are ok. Many of them are not. Mine continue to be uprooted as God’s revelation brings forth truth. There are ways I think I think like Him, and He shows me how off I am. This brings forth Godly repentance which is a very good thing! We need to have an ongoing mindset of repentance, recognizing that we continually need Him to show us where we don’t understand how HE thinks.
This morning as I prayed I thought about a particular person who struggles with one mindset. As I thought the word, “mindsets” God said “will change.” Previously He told me He is changing hearts. One way He does that is to first reveal (to US) our ungodly mindsets. Once uprooted, He confronts us with our next step, to accept we are wrong, admit it before Him, repent and thank Him for His freedom and correction.
Lord, I declare that You are changing our mindsets! I am in agreement with heaven that we are seeing You, others, ourselves and events the way You see! I thank You for the Godly gift of repentance which never brings regret, but only freedom and true enlightenment. We have the mind of Christ! We position ourselves to receive truth from You alone in these rapidly changing times. You are right. We are wrong. We can do nothing without You. All things are possible with You because You are the unlimited One! We desire to know You more than anything else in life. I pray all of this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.
Shalom Shalom