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Maintain Your Pace
Published on: October 6, 2023

Kevin Zadai presented a very impactful Bible study session last night. He discussed the three keys to maintaining our supernatural pace in this life. It was so encouraging I decided to pass along the three main points today.

1.  We must maintain a consistent pace which is a uniquely God-designed one, while we resist external pressure and attacks by the enemy.  We cannot expect ourselves to handle responsibilities we are not ready for. We may still need healing, deliverance or mentorship in many areas. It’s important we increase our capacity strategically at God’s specific rate.

2.  We are to trust in God’s intervention. When the enemy attacks, Deut 28:7 says God will scatter him in 7 ways! Instead of being surprised by the attacks we trust God’s ability to conquer them. We are to focus on the 7 ways God will scatter him!

3.  James 4:7 tells us to surrender to God, then resist the devil & he will flee from us. We surrender to God’s authority in our lives which is putting unwavering trust (the Hebrew word for faith) in HIM which terrifies the enemy and causes him to flee.

Understand that satan will do his best to get at us. If he cannot attack us directly he will go around the border and find the weakest link connected to us. The enemy plans to break our momentum in the spirit. Even if he manages to do that for any length of time, just get back up on the horse and resume your pace forward with King Jesus.

We give a holy backhand slap to all momentum breakers today, in Jesus mighty name!

Shalom Shalom