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“How Did You Get Rid Of It So Fast?”
Published on: September 22, 2023

I hope my healing stories stoke the fire of God within you and make you so hungry you begin to pant after Him.

My exchange with my husband, John went like this around 7am.

“How are you doing?” He asked.

“Well, I had a migraine again at 3am,” was all I said cuz I was still basking in what God did.

“How did you get rid of it so fast?” He asked.

Here’s what happened. This is the second time migraine has come knocking and it hits the back of my head. Hardly ever in 70 years have I even had a headache. Now this. The first time I experienced this God had me raise the sword of the Spirit, part of the Armour we need daily. I imagined it dripping with Jesus’ blood and when I circled my helmet of salvation the entire migraine dissipated instantly. It didn’t happen that way this time.

Jesus healed differently, depending on what He heard His Father say. Sometimes He spit on people’s eyes, other times He just said the healing word from a distance, or He rebuked a fever or He told them to pick up their beds and walk or He said stretch forth your hand and the withered hand became whole. Whatever the Father said, He did.

I just bought an entire book of healing scriptures that were compiled by an associate of John G. Lake, a famous healing evangelist. He set up healing rooms in Spokane Washington and all they did was read these scriptures over people who came for healing. Nobody stayed longer than 15 days and Spokane became the healthiest city in the US at the time.

I admit I first went downstairs and got 3 pain pills from the kitchen but then I took them to my prayer room and set them down next to my new book. I decided to read the scriptures through the pain. I laid my hand on the back of my head where it was raging and began.

I don’t know why, but it took about 15 minutes this time. I’m just glad it left after reading approximately 60 scriptures. Even through the pain the awe of God began to grow in me. Something shifts inside us because the Word of God is alive. He ignites us and we heal.

I just noticed those 3 ibuprofen are still sitting on the top of my Bible.

Shalom Shalom