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Get Hold of God’s Promises
Published on: September 12, 2023
Many years ago my dad gave me a book entitled “God’s Generals.” It was at a particularly hard time in our lives when Kelsi had been diagnosed with the first of many psychiatric problems. I remember the morning he silently handed this book to me and I devoured it because it gave voice and evidence to the miraculous healing power of God through many devout men and women. Their ministries were amazing. It gave me hope.
One of the men in the book was named John G. Lake. Many of you have heard of him. He had a strong healing ministry. One time he had scientists put the bubonic plague virus on his hands and then they observed what happened under a microscope.
“All the virus cells are dying,” was observed. John G. Lake did not get that virus.
This morning I asked God, how did he get to that point of such faith to allow the plague to be placed on his skin and then it just died on him? God answered.
“That was promised,” He said.
We need to get hold of God’s promises! They are the scriptures! We are to decree and declare them every day, over poverty, lack, sickness, disease, bacteria, viruses, cancer, all evil that comes at us. I google and print out healing verses so I have them all handy in one piece of paper. Then I go to war with them. I start to speak them out over every situation that says the opposite because we are to call forth what we don’t see yet.
As we all do this together, the atmosphere shifts and the enemy, who does not expect us to move in this direction, gets beat up. I truly enjoy that part.
We must stay at it. It’s not a once and done thing. We need to do this together with The Lord Who is One Spirit with us! That is so amazing!!
Shalom Shalom you speaking spirits,