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Elusive Emotions
Published on: September 7, 2023
Sometimes I get to see powerful healings. They aren’t always the big showy things. They are often quiet, awestruck ah-ha’s as people connect current “irritation” to deep underlying unhealed wounds from the past.
It is worth it to become aware of what’s going on underneath. Otherwise you just keep going around the same old mountain. A spouse or friend or family member behaves in a certain way, you get very triggered inside and either retreat or react in anger as that old buried wound lies unnoticed. Then you just keep doing the same dance with people.
That is powerlessness.
God has given us a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Having a sound mind means knowing you are triggered and going to a trusted friend to talk it through, or go right to the Holy Spirit who is always available for you. Ask the big question.
“What do I believe this (situation) means about me?”
Allow a memory or thought to come to the surface in this pause. One very common lie many folks hold inside comes out frequently.
“What, do they think I’m stupid or something?”
If you believe you are NOT stupid inside, this won’t come out. If you are triggered to emotion and that question does come forth, then a part of you believes the lie you are stupid. Otherwise you wouldn’t get triggered.
Then you practice self empathy for this part of you, you pray and give the pain to God, you continue in the healing process and your life changes. You find yourself not reacting as you used to as God heals the old lies. Shalom starts to reign! Then you can see clearly the other person has not progressed as far in their own healing journey if they continue in the same old patterns.
Shalom Shalom